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Although our business was successful, we were facing some
roadblocks we couldn't really see, beacuse we are too close
to the business. Maureen heped us clearly identify roadblocks,
gave us suggestions to help us remove them, and gave us a
clarity to our new business structure that we didn't have
before we involved her.  She gave us a new paradigm in
which to view our company.

Joy- Division President

I cannot thank enough of you for the guidance you have provided me over the last few months. I have a renewed sense of commitment and feel satisfied with my position and performance, almost every day. I am delighted that my boss finally agreed to our sessions, but wish I would have met you 20 years ago- the sky’s the limit!

Mike- VP, Supply Chain
Working with you over the past year has been so incredibly rewarding and I’m so privileged to have had the opportunity to learn from you and further develop my professional skills.  I feel that much more prepared for this next career step thanks to you!  I know everything we discussed and your guidance will be such an asset for me in my future.

Erin- Director, PR

I would like to extend my most sincere thank to you for really helping me become not only a more successful and
effective leader, but a more confident person! I am truly grateful for all of your guidance and insight! You really know
how to read people!

Laura- Nurse

Last week I was notified that my team is being dissolved. I was given the “opportunity” to go back to my old
area as Supervisor, or stay in this new area as Supervisor of a new team. The easiest decision
would have been the “familiar ground,” however, I chose the new area- that is where
I have the opportunity for the most growth!

As I am in a better place, I feel that I handled this news much better than I would have 3 months prior.
I do have your guidance to thank for that.

Rebecca- Supervisor, Healthcare

Some of our valued clients....

Amerada Hess
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
Clarins USA
Donna Karan Company
Michael Kors
Colgate Palmolive
Johnson & Johnson
Bank of America
Schering Plough
the Ladders
the US Army
Central Hudson Gas & Electric....

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